The Lady of the Rivers – Philippa Gregory

The Story  

Lady of the Rivers is the third book in PG Cousins’ war series.


The Lady of the Rivers lets us in on how Jacquetta of Luxembourg got involved in the War of the Roses.

Jaquetta comes from the royal family of Luxembourg and is a kinsman to almost all the important royal families in Europe. She’s married to John Plantagent, Duke of Bedford at a young age. Duke Bedford is the brother of Henry V (the warrior king) and is regent in France for his nephew, Henry VI, King of England. With her marriage, Jacquetta becomes a royal Duchess in England. But after a couple of years, John dies and Jacquetta becomes a royal widow. Young and alone, Jacquetta finds comfort with Richard Woodville, John’s squire. They fall in love and marry in secret, without royal consent.


But Jacquetta still is a royal Duchess with important ties all over Europa and when Henry VI is to marry the French Margaret of Anjou, Jacquetta has to comfort Margaret. It’s the start of a blooming friendship and Jacquetta becomes Margaret court favorite. Due to her position, Jacquetta’s on the first row during a lot of important events. The birt of the prince of Wales Edward, the mental breakdown of King Henry VI and the regency of Richard, Duke of York. Jacquetta is a witness of how fortune’s wheel rises Margaret to the highest position possible, only to bring her down.


But what has the wheel of fortune in store for Jacquetta?


My opinon


I am a PG fan, I loved The White Queen and The Red Queen, so I expected no less of The Lady of The Rivers. And PG did it again. I truly find this a good story. Jacquetta is a really fascinating person. Too bad this novel wasn’t published before The White Queen and The Red Queen.


Although Jacquetta had no important role in the first years of the wars, she was a close friend to Margaret of Anjou and witnessed almost everything from the first row. She later played a huge role in her daughter’s life, Elizabeth Woodville when she became queen. She was an ambition woman and wanted her family to play a role in the highest ranks of the country and that really comes across in the story. 


There’s a lot of new information in this novel, but it’s easy accessible. There also magic involved in the story, but it doesn’t bother me at all because it’s not the center of the story. The Melusina legend is nicely waved into the novel.


I really enjoyed this novel. Again, we get another point of view on those horrible battles and again I can relate to the protagonist. I recommend this one!

Also: this is truly a lovely cover!


Language: English
Dutch Translation: De Witte Roos
Pages: 502
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

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