The Kingmaker’s Daughter – Philippa Gregory

The Story


The Kingmaker’s Daughter is the forth book in the Cousins’ war series of Philippa Gregory. It covers the life of Anne Neville, wife of the much maligned king Richard III

This time we view the War of the Roses through the eyes of Anne Nevillle, daughter of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, better known as The Kingmaker. Anne and her sister Isabel are the sole heiresses of the huge Neville wealth and they have a respectable status. They dream of becoming royal duchesses and have an important position at court.


Their father is an influential player in the war of the roses and is a staunch York supporter. His loyalty is rewarded when Edward of York becomes the first York King. Warwick is Edward’s most important adviser and he uses his power to get more land and even more power. But when Edward marries the Lancaster widow Elizabeth Woodville, Warwicks influence melts away. The Woodvilles are in power now and whisper things in his ear. Since Edward is no longer Warwick’s puppet, Warwick decides to be a Kingmaker onces again. A new part of the civil war starts. It’s the end of Anne youth and the start of a turbulent life as a pawn in her father’s play for more power.

My opinion

This is the forth book in the series of the War of the Roses and this one I liked the least. There is very little known about Anne Neville and I guess that makes it hard to write a full novel about her. In the first part of the book there’s some action when her fathers turns on Edward and the Nevilles have to flee England. But when Richard Neville dies after the Battle of Teweksburry and Anne takes charge of her own destiny, it goes downhill.Annes ‘voice’ is not consistent. One moment she acts very mature and responsible, the next moment she sounds very childish.

Especially when Anne becomes queen. She is scared to death of the ‘witch’ Elizabeth Woodville and becomes paranoia. Everything that goes wrong, is Elizabeth’s fault. Although Annes states in the beginning of the story she doesn’t believe in magic, she’s convinced Elizabeth has an evil eye and she has cursed her. The whole Woodville-witchcraft-magic plot gets boring after a while and that makes this the least novel of the series.

But I did enjoy it though! It’s nice to read about this time period through different voices. It makes you understand the course of history better, keeping in mind it’s fiction off course.


Taal: Engels

Vertaling: /

Pagina’s: 464

uitgever: Touchstone; Reprint edition


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