Philippa Gergory’s new novel: The King’s curse


Philippa Gregory’s new novel tells us the story of Margaret Pole, the last White Rose, the last Plantagenet as she struggles to free her brother, and later her sons from the Tudor tyrants.

On her Facebookpage, Philippa Gregory announced her new book will arrive late summer. I know, it’s a horrible long wait!
Philippa revealed the novel’s original title was The Last White Rose, but that she changed it during the writing process. This book will be the link between the Cousins’ war series and the Tudor series and I’m looking forward to it!

The heroine in The King’s Curse is Margaret Pole (née Plantagenet), daughter of George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence and his wife Isabel Neville.
Due to her Plantagenet descendant, the Tudors regard her as a threat to their dynasty She is after all, the heiress to the Plantagenets and the White Rose. She’s married of to a staunch Tudor supporter and lives quietly in Wales. But everything changes when she’s appointed governess to Katharine of Aragon. It’s the start of a dangerous life at the Tudor court, where Henry VIII slowly becomes paranoid and watches rival dynasties with suspicious eyes.

I honestly can’t wait to read it. I’ve never read anything about Margaret Pole, so I am curious what she was like. Also, I really like the cover!
You can pre order the novel on Philippa Gregory’s website.



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