Cop Town – Karin Slaughter

The Story

Atlante Police Department, 1975. It is a men’s world, women don’t belong in the force. They should be baking cakes and cleaning the house, not catching scum of the streets. But being a housewife does not interest Maggie Lawson one bit. For four years now, she has been part of the police department, working under her uncle Terry Lawson and her brother Jimmy.

There's a shooter on the loose. And he has to be stopped...

There’s a shooter on the loose. And he has to be stopped…

The Department had had some hard weeks to endure. There’s a shooter on the loose, targeting policemen and killing them by shooting them in the head. When yet another cop is killed and Jimmy Lawsons gets injured, the whole corps is breathing fire. The shooter must be stopped. And they will do anything to catch him.

Enter the beautiful Kate Murphy. With a vindictive corps, crying for revenge, you can think of better days to start. She is teamed up with Maggie, whose instinct says there is something wrong with the shooter case. Her brother is lying about the night his partner got killed. But being women, they are bullied by Terry and the rest of the cops to take a step back and leave the thinking to them. Off course, they do not listen and start to investigate the murders themselves. Only to discover a horrible truth…

My Opinion

At first I was disappointed that Karin Slaughter’s new novel didn’t involve Will Trent and Faith Mitchell. I really like Amanda (and off course Faith) in those novels. But this novel is just as good as the Will Trent series! Maybe even better.

Karin Slaughter really has a way to suck you into the story. She’s not afraid to use crude language and doesn’t beat around the bush. Hard topics such as racism, homophobia, abuse… It’s all there, for everyone to see. The cunts and assholes fly around like it’s nothing.

I was really impressed by the characters of Kate Murphy and Maggie Lawson. To keep your head high while your being sexual harassed, like every minute or so,  you have to have courage. I also like how every character in the book has a good side and a really evil, dark side. There’s one part where Kate reflects on herself and wonders how many sides she has. She also wonders how it’s possible that some people, who are really awful and terrible, also can be nice (in their own ways). I think that’s one of my favorite parts of the book. It shows just how complex humans are.

I hope there will follow more books with Kate and Maggie as lead characters. Although, I will not forget you Amanda, you’re still one of my favorite heroins!


Pages: 416
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN: 034547497
Language: English
Dutch Translation: Veroordeeld


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