Innocent Traitor – Alison Weir

The Story


She was a pion in the great gamble of power. The went all-in. Only to lose everything they ever held dear.

Lady Jane Grey is the eldest daughter of Henry Grey, marques of Dorset and Lady Frances Brandon, niece of the formidable Henry VIII. Frances’ mother was Mary Tudor, Henry’s youngest and favorite sister.
as is the faith of many daughters, Jane’s sex is a disappointment to her parents. When the couple is not blessed with sons, they decide that a marriage should bring pride and honor to their family.

Jane’s upbringing is very strict. Lady Brandon doesn’t feel much affection for her daughter and treats her thus. Jane has a terrible youth, although she gets the best education a girl could wish. She is the most educated girl in the kingdom, aside from her cousin, princes Elizabeth. Jane loves learning and in books she finds the love she lacks from her family.

Her parents hope Jane will one day makes the most desirable marriage possible: they hope she will become Edward VI’s Queen. But when it is clear Edward VI will die young, they plot with the Duke of Northumberland to make Jane Queen in her own right. And rule England through her.

It is a terrible gamble. They go all-in, only to lose everything.

My Opinion

The story of Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen is one of the most tragic stories England’s history has to offer. Reluctantly she accepts the crown, only to be deposed nine days later by her cousin Mary I. At first, Mary promises her a pardon. But when another plot is arises, Mary has no other chose than to behead Jane. She was only 16 years old.
And Alison Weir does the story of Jane credit. She makes you feel Jane’s pain and how she dreads accepting the crown. I had to choke back a tear at the end of the story.

The story is told through different POV’s. Usually, I am not a big fan of this writing style, but this time it definitely worked. There are a lot of important events were Jane was no party to, so by telling it through someone else, you are participant of the story, rather than just a bystander.

I really liked this novel. The writing is very sober, but it gives you goosebumps. You almost feel the ax in your neck….

So definitely buy that book!


Language: English
Pages: 416p

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345494857


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