My Reading Playlist: Five songs to listen to while you’re reading


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You are reading a fantastic novel, you feel the drama and the tension and then suddenly you notice something is off… It’s to quiet in the house and it ruins the atmosphere you have created. I hate it when that happens. I can’t read when it’s too quiet around me, I have to have some background noise. Or, instead of noise, some really good songs! That one song that makes your novel complete, that takes you to your dreamworld. Here are some of my favorite songs to listen to while I’m reading:

1.  The Temper Trap – Sweet disposition

This Australian band is active since 2005. Their first album was released in 2009, but it’s with their second album, The Temper Trap and the song Sweet Disposition that they caught my attention. When I am listening to this song, I feel like and floating in the air. This songs makes me dreamy and I like that feeling when I am reading.
*Ideal for: dreaming away while reading just about everything

2. Jake Bugg – Simple Pleasures

I saw Jake bugg at Rock Werchter Festival last year, and I fell instantly in love with his voice. The things he sings about are just wonderful, I really love his lyrics, it’s like you feel his pain. Just listen and become a fan!
* Ideal song for: reading about forbidden love and heatbreak 

3. Paolo Nutini – Candy

Although his name doesn’t sound like it, Paolo Nutini is a Scottish singer-songwriter. I saw him perform this year at Rock Werchter Festival and I became a fan when I heard the song Candy. It’s the same as with Jake Bugg, it has something really dramatic.
*Ideal song for: crying when the two main characters can’t be together for ever and ever

4. Alabama Shakes – Hang loose

The Alabama Shakes is an Amarican rock band with the fabulous Brittany Howard as lead singer. Their first album “Boys & Girls” was released in 2012, with the songs ‘Hang Loose’ and ‘Hold on’. Brittany Howard has such a warm voice, and this song makes me happy. When you are reading something dark and you want to lighten up the atmosphere, definitely listen to ‘Hang loose’.
*Ideal song for: everything will be alright books

5. The Black Keys – Nova Baby
This song is a bit more upbeat than the rest, but it makes me so happy and it makes me want to dance (so maybe not ideal if you want to have nice, quiet read). But I really recommend this song if you want something to shake off that heavy feeling of winter.
*ideal for: happyhappyjoyjoy books 

Feel free to share your favorite songs!



2 gedachtes over “My Reading Playlist: Five songs to listen to while you’re reading

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to music whilst reading, but this post has made me really want to try it! Plus it has reminded me what a good song Sweet Disposition is, as I haven’t listened to it in a while.
    Great post!

    • Thank you!
      You should definitely try it. Some songs create this sort of atmosphere that takes a novel to the next level.
      Let me now what you think after you’ve tried it!

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