My visit to De Boekenbeurs // Book Fair


Today was the last day of De Boekenbeurs. For those who do not live in Belgium and do not know what De Boekenbeurs is: it’s sort of book fair, where you can buy, find, touch, smell and of course buy books, ten days long! There are around 60,000 books to see and every day there are several authors you can meet and take a bookfie with. For me, it’s heaven!

The thing about De Boekebeurs is, you always spend more money then you intended to do. But, I have to say, I kept it decent this year. I only bought three books (a huge accomplishment for me, I say it myself). Since I absolutely have no more space left on my bookshelves, it was more or less necessarily to keep my spending in check. I had made a deal with myself to not buy Historical Fictions (definitely not about England) but I had to buy the book about the Borgias. I am weak, I know. But at least it’s not about The Tudors or anything other related to England. So that’s good.

14I also bought De bibliothecaresse van Auschwitz’ by Antonia Iturbe or translated in English: The librarian of Auschwitz’. apparently it sold very well at De Boekenbeurs, so I’m curious what’s it about. And I also bought the first adult novel by my favorite author when I was a child: De Moord op Miss België’ by Marc De Bel and that would be ‘The Murder of Miss Belgium’ in English. Looking forward to read them!

The fun thing about De Boekenbeurs is that you can also buy other things than books. For example, I bought this lovely map (or my boyfriend bought for me, to be precise) where you can scratch away the places you’ve visited. I’ve always wanted that!

© Burn or Buy that Book

© Burn or Buy that Book

But you can also buy funny gifts at De Boekenbeurs. Like these Polaroid postcards or lovely art books. You can also find the latest invention. Such as the bookseat!

If I had all the money in the world, I would still be bankrupt after a visit to De Boekenbeurs.

© Burn or Buy that Book I love these polaroid notes! Maybe I'll buy them next year.

I love these polaroid notes! Maybe I’ll buy them next year. © Burn or Buy that Book

There is only one minor thing about De Boekenbeurs: It’s only once’s a year… Or maybe that’s a good thing, I would be broke otherwise!

Looking forward to next year!



De Boekenbeurs
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