The Maze Runner – James Dashner

The Story

“Thomas…. My name is Thomas.” That’s the only thing Thomas remembers, his first name. Waking up in a

Cover of The Maze Runner

Cover of The Maze Runner

strange metal box that is moving upwards, he doesn’t remember a thing. Not how he got there or what his life was about before waking up in that box. When the lift finally stops moving and the doors opens, about fifty faces are staring down at him. All boys. It appears he has arrived at The Glade, an open space, surrounded by gigantic stone walls. Behind those walls, lies a maze. A dangerous maze.

In the Glade, everyone has his own job. There are Bloodhousers (butchers), there are Medjacks (doctors) and there are Runners. They run through the maze, hoping they’ll find a way out. But as said: the maze is dangerous. There are Grievers out there, monstrous creatures, ever ready to snatch up the Runners and sting them. But Thomas is instantly drawn to the maze. He wants to be a Runner, needs to be a Runner. He doesn’t know why, but he has the feeling he knows it there. But there are rules and the number one rule is: do not go in the maze, unless you’re a Runner.

Everything seems to go its own way again, when suddenly the Box reappears with a girl in it. She clenches a paper with the message : This is the last one. Ever. She’s in a sort of coma and keeps repeating Thomas’ name. She also keeps saying everything will change.

And she is right. Things are changing in The Glade. And not for the better.

My opinion

When my boyfriend bought this series a couple of weeks ago, I’d never heard of it. It seemed like a nice enough series but I was busy reading other books at the moment so I didn’t start reading it until this weekend and I saw the movie before I read the book (great mistake, I couldn’t let my imagination run and create my own characters. Lesson learned.)

The movie poster. I wasn't blown away by the film either.

The movie poster. I wasn’t blown away by the film either.

I think the idea behind the novel is really great. It intrigued me instantly and I liked the parts in the maze. Although there is a lot of describing in the book and you don’t get the feeling you’re living the action. You’re just being told. It slows the story down and gives the reader the feeling there a bystander instead of Thomas or someone living in The Glade. I don’t like that sort of writing. I want to live the story.

But the main thing that annoyed me was the writing. AAAARGH!!
Are you freaking kidding me? I have the feeling Dashner only knows four words: Shuckface, Klunk, Shank and ‘Ya’ll’. There was a moment I thought I’d burn my copy (and since it’s my BF’s, he wouldn’t be so happy about that.) It was so frustrating. I am quite confident teenagers know a lot more words then those four and if not, you’re not doing them a favour by only using those. Seriously, there’s a limit to the use of shuckface, and Dashner: you crossed that line after one chapter.

It gets better towards the end, but by then I was so annoyed by the limited use of vocab I couldn’t really be bothered anymore. For me, it ruined the novel pretty much. But since I am no quitter and I want to know how this all ends, I’m going to read the second and third novel as well. Hopefully, there’s not as much slang as in the first one.

So if you don’t mind slang, go ahead and read The Maze Runner. It’s an interesting story. If slang is not your cup of tea: leave it be. You’ll get so frustrating you actually might burn your copy.


Language: English
Pages: 374
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN: 0385737947


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