Countdown to Christmas: My Christmas Wishlist

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Dear Santasnowflake

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. It’s cold and dark outside, you have to wear triple layers of clothing in order not to freeze to death, there’s a scent of hot chocolate and Glühwein everywhere and you start receiving letters from all over the world that people have been nice and sweet.

And of course I also have been nice and sweet this year:

flakeI graduated as a journalist this year, so I did my homework and studied hard.

flakeI published several articles on news sites when I did my internship.
That’s impressive, no?

flakeI took my blogging to the next level by actually try and write a blogpost
now and then.

flakeI am currently studying to become a History and English teacher. And I still do my homework every night.

Sooo, I made a bit of a whishlist for this Christmas…. Santa put on your reading glasses:

snowflakeI really, really REALLY want some books from my whishlist! Since I am a bookblogger, I obviously need books to write about.

And since my to read list is ever growing, Christmas is a the occasion to scratch some off:

flakeFirst of all: I’ve been wanting to read ‘Is it Just Me?’ by Miranda Hart ever since I saw the series Call the Midwife. I adore that woman! She’s so funny and real.

flakeThe second book I’d like to scratch of of my wishlist is ‘The Last Concubine’ by Lesley Dower. I am trying to expand my HF to Japan and China and I think this novel is the perfect way to do it.

flakeBut I can’t neglect English history of course, so maybe the novel ‘To The Tower Born’ by Robin Maxwell is a nice read as well.


snowflake I also like some of my favorite series on DVD. Eg Peaky Blinders. Cillian Murphy’s eyes alone are enough to buy the DVD’s, but there’s even a brilliant storyline, so that’s a win-win.

snowflake Polaroid pictures are always on my whishlist. They’re so expensive… Maybe Santa is feeling generous this year.
I graduated after all so….


I’ve been wanting a typewriter for so long… But they are so expensive 😦 So maybe Santa will bring me one this year. Preferable this blue one.



And last but not least: ANYTHING THE LUSH SHOP HAS TO OFFER. And I think this one is quite obvious…

But most of all, I would like you to give people some common sense. Just enough so they can think about what they’re doing to this world and to other people ( and so they’ll stop blocking the entrance on the train or tram. I’d very much appreciate that.)

So Santa, I guess you have your choice of gifts to put under my Christmas tree 🙂 In order, I promise I’ll be a sweet girl in 2015 as well.




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