The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

The Story

After escaping that terrible Maze, Thomas and the rest of the Gladers think they are safe. Rescued by some stranScorch-trials-137dtb5gers, they’re enjoying their freedom in a building with showers and food. But after a good night’s rest, they find they’re not safe at all. Terresa has disappeared from the premisis and instead there’s a boy in her room, named Aris. He says there is another group who also escaped a Maze. But instead of all boys and one girls, there were all girls and one boy.

The group and Aris are locked inside the building and they are on the brink of starving to death when suddenly a man appears. He explains the purpose of the Maze and tells the group their  trials are not at an end. There is yet another test they have to pass. They have fourteen days to pass the Scorch and to get to the safe haven.

Walking through the transmitter, the Gladers end up in a tunnel wich eventually lead them to the scorch. They have to pass the hottest, most devasted place on earth and have to fight against the cranks.

With all the courage they can muster, the Gladers set out on their journey, hoping that the Safe Haven is actually a Safe Haven. And only time will tell.

My Opinion

Okay, I don’t know what to write about this book, I have such mixed feelings about this novel. I’ll start with saying that Dashner’s vocab improved a little, the Shucks and Shanks didn’t fly around anymore. A huge relief for me, since that was one of  the main things that annoyed me in the first novel.

But now there is another thing that bothered me. Thomas’s passing out. I didn’t count all the times he past out, but if I’d do that, I think I’ll end up with a number way to high. It’s like Dashner didn’t know a suitable ending for half of his chapters, so he just made Thomas pass out or sleep. He may thinks it’s a good way to build suspension, but it’s also a good way to annoy your reader!

There were also a lot of plot twist. And I mean a lot. I didn’t get half of it and now I am questioning my mental abbilities. I was hoping to get some questions answered, but instead I got a bunch of new questions and absolutely no answers! I’m getting a bit frustrated. I dearly hope the third book won’t let me hanging, or I’ll go mad.

Again: I like the idea behind the books. And I am going to read the last one, just to know how it all ends. But in the end, I think this series could have been so much better. And now I’ll stop my ranting.


Language: English
Pages: 304
IBN: 0385738757
Publisher:Delacorte Press


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