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The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

The Story

After escaping that terrible Maze, Thomas and the rest of the Gladers think they are safe. Rescued by some stranScorch-trials-137dtb5gers, they’re enjoying their freedom in a building with showers and food. But after a good night’s rest, they find they’re not safe at all. Terresa has disappeared from the premisis and instead there’s a boy in her room, named Aris. He says there is another group who also escaped a Maze. But instead of all boys and one girls, there were all girls and one boy.

The group and Aris are locked inside the building and they are on the brink of starving to death when suddenly a man appears. He explains the purpose of the Maze and tells the group their  trials are not at an end. There is yet another test they have to pass. They have fourteen days to pass the Scorch and to get to the safe haven.

Walking through the transmitter, the Gladers end up in a tunnel wich eventually lead them to the scorch. They have to pass the hottest, most devasted place on earth and have to fight against the cranks.

With all the courage they can muster, the Gladers set out on their journey, hoping that the Safe Haven is actually a Safe Haven. And only time will tell.

My Opinion

Okay, I don’t know what to write about this book, I have such mixed feelings about this novel. I’ll start with saying that Dashner’s vocab improved a little, the Shucks and Shanks didn’t fly around anymore. A huge relief for me, since that was one of  the main things that annoyed me in the first novel.

But now there is another thing that bothered me. Thomas’s passing out. I didn’t count all the times he past out, but if I’d do that, I think I’ll end up with a number way to high. It’s like Dashner didn’t know a suitable ending for half of his chapters, so he just made Thomas pass out or sleep. He may thinks it’s a good way to build suspension, but it’s also a good way to annoy your reader!

There were also a lot of plot twist. And I mean a lot. I didn’t get half of it and now I am questioning my mental abbilities. I was hoping to get some questions answered, but instead I got a bunch of new questions and absolutely no answers! I’m getting a bit frustrated. I dearly hope the third book won’t let me hanging, or I’ll go mad.

Again: I like the idea behind the books. And I am going to read the last one, just to know how it all ends. But in the end, I think this series could have been so much better. And now I’ll stop my ranting.


Language: English
Pages: 304
IBN: 0385738757
Publisher:Delacorte Press

Countdown to Christmas: Favorite seasonal drink


Hi everybody!

This is already  the forth post in this #CountdownToChristmas and todays topic is favorite seasonal drinks. And after reading this, some people may think that Belgian people have a drinking problem or at least that I am a bit of an alcoholic. But that’s okay, I can live with that!

So my absolute favorite seasonal drink is Jenever. It’s a typical Belgian drink and you can find it in every flavour you can imagine. There is Apple Jenever, Chocolate Jenever, Lemon Jenever and my favorite: passion fuit jenever. On every christmas market in Belgium you can find several Jeneverstalls and they all sell at least five to ten different kinds of Jenever.

If you’re ever in Belgium, you should definitely try a couple. But be careful, it tastes like limonade, but I can asure you: your head will not agree on that the next day.

These are bottle of Jenever. As you can see, we have a lot of different tastes. My favorite is pasion fruit or Cactus Jenever.

These are bottle of Jenever. As you can see, we have a lot of different tastes. My favorite is pasion fruit or Cactus Jenever.

And when I am a cold, I like to drink some Apple-Cinnamon tea. Nothing tells me it’s winter than a cup of hot steaming Apple-cinnamon tea. In fact: I’m drinking a huge mug right now, while writting this post. My favorite is the Pickwick Winter Glow tea. Since you can only buy it in Winter, I always store a few boxes. No I am not an addict….

These are my favorites. On the right you see my absolute fav: Apple- Cinnamon

These are my favorites. On the right you see my absolute fav: Apple- Cinnamon

And my last favorite drink is of course hot chocolate milk with a lot of cinnamon (yes I know, again the cinnamon…) and some marshmellows. If you don’t have marshmellows: no bad, just add cinnamon and you have a fantastic hot drink.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried Jenever and which flavour is your favorite. And of course: let me know if you’ve tried the hot chocolate with cinnamon!


I know why the caged bird sings – Maya Angelou

The Story

Maya and her older brother Bailey are on their way to live with their Grandmother and Uncle Willie in Stamps, a little town indownload (3) the South. Their parents couldn’t take care of them after their divorce and Momma decided to take them in. Momma is a formidable woman, owning her own shop, in which Maya and Bailey have to work very often. The family is respected in Stamps, going to Church every Sunday and doing a lot of good work for the Community.

It’s pretty much a monotounous way of living. Getting up early, do some chores in the shop, go to school and after school do some chores and homework.
But when Maya and Bailey are 8 and 9 years old, they move back with their mother who lives in California together with mister Freeman. It’s a tremendous shock for the children, but they adapt quick and soon life is pretty fun. But mister Freeman isn’t the nice man he pretends to be. When Mother is off to work, he rapes Maya and treathens to kill Bailey if Maya tells anyone about it. Scared to death she keeps her mouth shut but the truth comes out and the children are sent back to Stamps.

Maya and Bailey are part of pingpong game, moving back and forth to Stamps. The constantly moving forms their identity more than it should and Maya finds herself more than once in a awkward position. It’s hard being a teenager, but it’s even harder being a black teenager.

My opinion

I had to read this novel as a school assignment and I have to admit (much to my shame) that I had never read a novel by Maya Angelou before. So I was curious to know why her books are so famous.

Maya tells the story herself, telling how she experienced growing up with racism. The book is not about racism, but about how Maya herself was confronted with the topic and how she dealt (or not dealt) with it.

It’s an autobiography, so everything Maya tells is true. Considering this novel contains some cruel and harsh language and some shocking events, it made me fall silent sometimes.

Another great aspect of this novel is religion. Every page is drenched with religion. And that bothered me sometimes. I know it was a big part of Maya’s life, but still it got on my nerves sometimes. It’s not really in perspective, I think. There are some really important events in this novel that only get three pages or so, while there are passages about Religion that go on and on… Maybe that’s just me, but it irritated me sometimes.

I have some really mixed feelings about this novel. On the one hand: everyone should read this novel, it’s a interesting ‘story’. And in light of  recent events in the US, it may be a good read for everyone. On the other hand: the writing style didn’t work for me. But the message definitely got across, and I think that’s the most important thing.


Language: English
Pages: 291
ISBN: 0553279378
Publisher: Bantam Books (1993). First published in 1970

Countdown to Christmas: Gift guide time!


As you all might know now, it’s almost Christmas! You’ve seen my whishlist and my read my taglist, but now I want to help you to find THE MOST PERFECT GIFT! And yes, of course the most perfect gifts are books, but here are some more original gifts 🙂

So here’s my gift guide: 

  • I am a big Harry Potter fan, so I say anything Harry Potter based is a good gift. Especially the Hogwarts Library. It’s a box that contains three books that are used througout the series. It a fun spin-off and one of the books (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them) is getting a film somewhere in 2016.
  • You have a lot of books, but nothing cool to cheer them up? How about these awesome bookends? I like the website of Knob Creek Metal. They have some really fun bookends. I think they are an awesome gift.
  • Another great gift are leather journals. It’s a great gift for anyone who likes to write stuff down. Call me old fashion, but I don’t trust computer, they never do what I ask… And I know there are some like-minded people out there
  • I love to drink some tea or hot chocolate and what better way to do that than with this fancy mug? I found this mug at Etsy.
  • And my last gift for you: this really really really awesome book lamp! Oh My God I want that myself! You can find one at this site.


So this is it for this year’s gift guide! Let me know if you buy something from it, or if you get something as a gift! 🙂


Countdown to Christmas: My Christmas Wishlist

banner 2

Dear Santasnowflake

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. It’s cold and dark outside, you have to wear triple layers of clothing in order not to freeze to death, there’s a scent of hot chocolate and Glühwein everywhere and you start receiving letters from all over the world that people have been nice and sweet.

And of course I also have been nice and sweet this year:

flakeI graduated as a journalist this year, so I did my homework and studied hard.

flakeI published several articles on news sites when I did my internship.
That’s impressive, no?

flakeI took my blogging to the next level by actually try and write a blogpost
now and then.

flakeI am currently studying to become a History and English teacher. And I still do my homework every night.

Sooo, I made a bit of a whishlist for this Christmas…. Santa put on your reading glasses:

snowflakeI really, really REALLY want some books from my whishlist! Since I am a bookblogger, I obviously need books to write about.

And since my to read list is ever growing, Christmas is a the occasion to scratch some off:

flakeFirst of all: I’ve been wanting to read ‘Is it Just Me?’ by Miranda Hart ever since I saw the series Call the Midwife. I adore that woman! She’s so funny and real.

flakeThe second book I’d like to scratch of of my wishlist is ‘The Last Concubine’ by Lesley Dower. I am trying to expand my HF to Japan and China and I think this novel is the perfect way to do it.

flakeBut I can’t neglect English history of course, so maybe the novel ‘To The Tower Born’ by Robin Maxwell is a nice read as well.


snowflake I also like some of my favorite series on DVD. Eg Peaky Blinders. Cillian Murphy’s eyes alone are enough to buy the DVD’s, but there’s even a brilliant storyline, so that’s a win-win.

snowflake Polaroid pictures are always on my whishlist. They’re so expensive… Maybe Santa is feeling generous this year.
I graduated after all so….


I’ve been wanting a typewriter for so long… But they are so expensive 😦 So maybe Santa will bring me one this year. Preferable this blue one.



And last but not least: ANYTHING THE LUSH SHOP HAS TO OFFER. And I think this one is quite obvious…

But most of all, I would like you to give people some common sense. Just enough so they can think about what they’re doing to this world and to other people ( and so they’ll stop blocking the entrance on the train or tram. I’d very much appreciate that.)

So Santa, I guess you have your choice of gifts to put under my Christmas tree 🙂 In order, I promise I’ll be a sweet girl in 2015 as well.



Countdown to Christmas: Christmas Tag


Hi everybody

This is the first post in the Countdown To Christmas blogseries! It’s a taglist as you can see and there were some hard questions involved! I hope you like my answers and be sure to leave a comment below. So here we go:

  1.  What’s your favourite holiday movie?  

That would be Wuthering Heights, with Tom Hardy as Heathcliff. He is one of my favorite actors. tom hardy
Although I am not a fan of tearjerkers, I like this film. It’s so dramatic and I mean: have you seen Tom Hardy…

  1. What are your favourite Christmas colours?

I’ll go with red. It’s a colour that has a lot of different meanings. It’s the colour of Love and Passion and Christmas. Our Christmas tree is also decorated with red ornaments.

  1. Do you like to stay in your PJs or dress up for Christmas?

Since I have to study on Christmas day itself, I just stay in my PJ’s. No need to dress up fancy for my coursebooks. But on Christmas eve, me and my family usually have dinner with my in-laws so then I dress up! And then I go all the way… Fancy hairdo, make-up and a lovely dress.

  1. If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?  

I would buy a present for my dad. It’s been a very difficult year for him and he deserves a big present for all the work he has done for me and my sister (my mom isn’t feeling well and hasn’t been able to go to work). So he has had a tough year. I hope 2015 will be better for him and my mom. 

5. Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? 

On Christmas eve! I absolutely have no patience and I am a terrible curious person, so I couldn’t stand to have to wait until the next day. Ever since I was little, I couldn’t wait until 12 o’clock. I would hoover around the tree, guessing what present was mine. I drove my parents crazy!

6. Have you ever built a Ginger Bread House? 

Sadly enough, no. Maybe when I have kids later, I can do that. But in Belgium, it’s not that big of a tradition.

7. What do you like to do during your Christmas holidays? 

I have to study 😦
I’m currently studying History and English to become a teacher and in Belgium we have exams in January… So I’ll know what to do with my time.
But if I would had a holiday, I would read! My pile of books ‘To Read’ is growing and I am falling behind…. 

8. Any Christmas Wishes?

I hope I pass all my exams! But that’s really up to me isn’t? 

9. Favourite Christmas smell?

Cinnamon! I really love that spice. I drink cinnamon tea, I put cinnamon on my apple cake…. I am a cinnamon addict. I even have a candle with cinnamon smell…. 

10. Favourite Christmas meal or treat?

I am a big fan of Pomme Macaire. I don’t know if this is a typical Belgian thing, so maybe you have heard of it. We usually eat Pomme Macaire on Christmas day, with a roast or something like that. For desert I’ll go with Chocolat au moeilleux. But who wouldn’t?