Who can it be now?

A little introduction:
My name is Joy and I am a Belgian bookblogger. I studied journalism in Ghent, and now I am studying English- History to become a teacher one day.Me
Here are some random facts about me:

1. Since I read Blinker en het BagBag juweel, I am really fascinated by sign language and I do hope that one day,
I’ll learn the ‘language’!

2. One day I’ll move to London and be a tourguide. ‘On your left, you see the Tower of London.’

3. When I get the nerve, I really shoud like to get one of my favorite quotes tattooed on my wrist.
Its either ‘obey little, resist much’ or ‘In my end is my beginning’. Still debating….

4. I admit: I cried when I finished the last Harry Potter book. #NoShame

5. When I am not reading, I am taking pictures. Photography is my second biggest passion and if you would like to see my work,
you can visist my Flickr account. 


Enjoy reading!















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